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Eighteen. Spanish.

A S♥NE and a Locksmith. SNSD ruin my life constantly. This dork and this cutiepie make my world brighter. Obsessed with K-Pop girl groups, specially with Girls' Generation and f(x). Expect to see random stuff I like like Game of Thrones, Glee or Orphan Black too.


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a diagram explaining my viewing habits


a diagram explaining my viewing habits

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Helena might be a killer, but she’s still the most polite character i have ever seen, God’s honest truth. like, she’s literally dying and she goes into the hospital and instead of screaming and yelling she says “excuse me” to the lady at the front desk

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"…Plausible deniability"

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Alison Hendrix "Nature Under Constraint and Vexed"

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❝I looked at those lips and said, “Please God, give me this part” and I got it. The rest is now we’re sitting here talking to you about making out.❞

Rita Volk. (x)

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ten leading ladies:

natasha romanoff

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